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We're Invested in Your Success.

Agora is a new kind of lobbying and advocacy consulting firm. We’re nimble. We’re responsive.  And we know how to win.


From long-range strategic planning to policy development to grassroots mobilization, Agora will be there with you, every step of the way.

No matter your issue, we turn policy ideas into reality.

We don’t have a cubicle farm of junior account managers to whom you’ll be handed off.

We work to understand your mission and values, engage your members and develop a strategy for success that builds on your intrinsic strengths. 

We're Not Like the Others.
We Know How To Win.

Agora draws on nearly three decades of real-world experience in and out of government, advancing forward-thinking public policy.

From building comprehensive advocacy campaigns to developing and enacting legislation, our team has achieved big results in DC.

Ready to Make a Difference? 

Contact Agora for a free consultation.

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