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What We Do

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Agora provides a complete suite of advocacy services to help you build your policy profile and advance your agenda.
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Federal Relations


Grassroots Mobilization & Training

Policy Analysis & Development

Political Engagement

Communications & Messaging

Strategic Planning

Great ideas need a great plan to become reality. Whether your goal is passing legislation or building a grassroots network, Agora will guide you through every step, identifying the key roadblocks (and how to overcome them), separating the tactics that work from those that don't, and showing how to maximize limited resources to get the biggest bang for your buck. We'll help you develop a plan that keeps you on track and on the path to victory. 


Federal Relations

We know government inside and out, and we know what levers to press. With strong  relationships on both sides of the aisle, Agora gives you access to the key decisionmakers. And with our regular insider updates, we keep you in the loop so that you'll have a voice in the process.


Policy Analysis and Development

From measuring the impacts of a new rule to drafting the next big piece of legislation, we've done it all. Agora will help you separate fact from fiction and understand how major policy proposals affect you. We provide research and counsel to help you put forward the best policy ideas. Most of all, we'll help you craft policy proposals that will gain traction and move forward.


Communications and Messaging

Agora takes the most complex policy ideas and translates them into messages that resound with policymakers, the media and the public. We'll sharpen your elevator pitch and help you craft a suite of materials, from issue briefs to press statements to congressional testimony, that get your point across.



With decades of experience in bringing disparate interests together, Agora will help you find and recruit allies for your cause. Whether you're looking to form a long-term partnership or merely build support for a single proposal, we provide all the tools you need to identify potential allies, bring them on board and manage the relationship to keep everyone moving in the same direction.


Grassroots Mobilization and Training

Agora will build your voice by building your grassroots network. From designing advocacy campaigns that increase engagement to organizing winning Capitol Hill days and fly-ins, we help you build power. With a suite of proven tools to help train people on the ins and outs of lobbying, we make sure that everyone can become an advocate.

Political Engagement

From building political action committees to drafting persuasive fundraising appeals and tracking key races, Agora makes sure that the election process works for you. We will develop a plan to make sure that your message reaches candidates and your members can participate in the democratic process.

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