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Where the Candidates Stand on Green Buildings

It may be a year and a half until the next Presidential election, but primary season is well underway. More than 20 candidates have announced their intention to secure the Democratic nomination to face incumbent President Donald Trump in November 2020.


With all those candidates, there are scores of policy proposals flying around, particularly on environmental issues like climate change, energy efficiency and resilience from natural disasters.


But what about buildings?


Buildings account for more than 40 percent of U.S. greenhouse has emissions and 70 percent of electricity use. Any comprehensive policy proposal on the environment should include the built environment as part of the solution.


CSBE reviewed the Democratic candidates’ websites to find out where they stand on sustainable building issues. (In the coming weeks, CSBE will also look at President Trump’s agenda and record on these issues.) Read on to see what each candidate says (or does not say) about green buildings. 



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